Depression Awareness Collection

Custom Clobber Clubs Depression t-shirts hoodies & sweaters aim to raise awareness for the subject.  Millions of people around the world suffer from the stresses and strains of todays world and some find it too much to bare.  Our family specifically and others we know have suffered great loss due and trying times due to depression or anxiety of some form. 

Like others before us maybe, the Black family (Partner) in a short space of time, suffered the loss of 3 family members from sudden suicide - 2 brothers and a son of one of the brothers. We would say they where all too young to die and we miss them.  They won't be named for privacy but there ages are memorable for sure.  23, 43, 50.  When these things happen so suddenly it's such a shock and seems even more to bare.  Theres no chance of offering support or more time now to help fix things.  In these circumstances people hide it so well or you never expect them to do such a thing.    Again, our perspective in wearing this top is to act as an early warning to people struggling and to reach out.  The depression awareness t shirts and Depression & Drug addiction t shirts also pay homage to those who still remember or mourn.

It goes without saying that this brings great sadness to peoples lives let along the fact that some people gone to soon are young and could of had a full life ahead of them.  We want to pay homage to them and raise depression awareness globally.  We approached this concept with the thought in mind that theres different forms or levels of depression or anxiety and we all need to take care especially in the world we live in today. 

You can find the collection here

Our blog post on Depression & Drug Addiction can be read here.  

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