Our fashion killer or fashion killa collection whichever you prefer, with London based artist NoErras is a concept envisioned for the times by both NoErras & Clinton founder of Custom Clobber Club.  NoErras is an expressive British street artist producing artwork exclusively for Custom Clobber Club with a streetwise vibe.  His style is unique and random which is a perfect recipe for producing great art.  As one of our a debut pieces we wanted to NoErras to create something original with a statement.  He certainly did that!  The idea behind the cut out newspaper clippings is to resemble a serial killers murder note left for detectives.  Serial killers rarely leave any obvious clues.  The thumb marks and blood in the artwork are there as an obvious sign of who did it.  NoErras for Custom Clobber Club.  

Producing something so original is exciting because it seems like a great time for streetwear with brands such as Off White Supreme Anti Social Social Club Palace Skateboards Bape and many more, streetwear and hype clothing is booming and expressive.  Producing original artwork to serve up to this forever hungry streetwear hypebeast community was something that could be welcomed.  Ideas and originality are hard to come by in already swamped fashion world.  We love our kicks and we know you do to, so some fresh streetwear and dope kicks is always a recipe for a good day.  NoErras and Custom Clobber Club will be dropping more exciting artwork the future so be sure to follow our social channels for exclusive drops.  

You can view the Fashion Killa t-shirts to the Fashion killa collection here 

You can view the Fashion killa Sweatshirts to the Fashion killa collection here

You can view the Fashion Killa Hoodies to the Fashion killa collection here  




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