Custom Clobber Club officially sponsors 12 year old tennis player Charlie Dixon From Essex U.K. & announces a brand new Tennis Collection to drop with it!  

Charlie Dixon started playing tennis at the age of 4 locally in Essex at David Lloyd Gidea Park.  Training hard and working through "all ball colours", reaching many finals and winning his fair share Charlie now aged 12 is proving himself to be a promising tennis player. 

Charlie is currently considering going full time or joining Aspire Tennis Club in Billericay Essex.  Charlie has played exceptionally well in many tournaments but one in particular stood out for us where he played a year ago overseas tournament in Sardinia Italy - Forta Village.  After short listing a few candidates we decided to offer Charlie a sponsorship deal on a two year basis.  

He currently attends Felsted private school in Essex we’re he's been a tennis captain and represented the school on a number of occasions.   Here, Charlie has achieved reaching the Wimbledon finals U14, just narrowly losing in the quarter final tie break!  Charlie is also on the periphery of playing national tennis in the U12 age group, which is his main target now for the up and coming winter season!  We are confident Charlie will achieve this and then on towards tennis Europe!   Good luck Charlie!

We believe long term that we have added a quality player to be an official ambassador for our brand and a great partnership to help grow Charlie's presence within the tennis community.  Charlie has a massive lefty fore hand, combined with great height and physical condition rounding out to be a fantastic player.   We truly believe in the future Charlie will help grow the Custom Clobber Club Tennis Collection to the next level by aspiring other professional tennis players to train and play in our joint collaboration.

So why has Custom Clobber Club decided to do this!?  There are a few reason's of course but its quite simple really.  Not only is Charlie Dixon a young talented tennis player but more importantly he's willing to dedicate himself to the sport and become as he would put it "even better" - for us that is the drive and persistence that drew us to him.  We wanted to give young people the chance to learn business skills early and have a platform to express themselves on plus! we knew we could create some dope fresh Tennis gear for training or playing tennis in.  Charlie now has the opportunity at the tender age of 12 to contribute toward and communicate his style through his own collection with Custom Clobber Club.  Through this sponsorship / collaboration Charlie will learn business skills, promote professionalism, set his own trends and much more while growing as a tennis player.  Youth's need focus and drive and we want to encourage that as much as possible from an early age.  

The collection of tennis gear we have put together consists of items for both boys, girls, men & women alike with ages ranging from aged 4 years through to full adult sizing who play tennis or enjoy tennis as a whole.  There are tennis T-shirts both printed and embroidered, tennis hoodies, training leggings for young girls and women, Shorts for women, sports bra's, socks and accessories to accompany the tennis gear collection.  The range will be limited in parts and expanded at times throughout Custom Clobber Club and Charlie's partnership together.  

If your just as driven a Charlie you can view the collection here and and show your tennis skills off in this limited edition collection.  

In the near future we may be offering another opportunity for sponsorship.  Please follow our social channels for updates and submit your details to us for potential partnership.  


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