@Scoop208 Lebron & Custom Clobber Club Peak...

Scoop 208 - Lebron & Custom Clobber Club 

Family!  Haha!  We've followed scoop for a long time on YouTube .  If you love your sneakers, kicks or trainers you know Scoop's videos are packed with info into upcoming sneaker drops and sneaker news in general.  Scoop208 always give's his opinion on the quality of shoes, overall finish of the shoe, sizing, availability, anything possible to help us sneakerheads make an easier decision come launch day!  Scoop has also supported us personally in our launch so we'd like to thank him personally by adding some of his content first and others to follow.  
Most of Scoop's social handles are @Scoop208 checkin him out.  In this sneaker review video Scoop208 reviews the Lebron Elliots and a Custom Clobber Club T shirt.  Check it out.   

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