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7 Sins Hoodie & Adidas Human Race unboxing

7 Sins Hoodie & Adidas Human Race unboxing - Red China Exclusive  If you love your sneakers, kicks or trainers you know Scoop's videos are packed with info into upcoming sneaker drops and sneaker news in general.  Scoop208 always give's his opinion on the quality of shoes, overall finish of the shoe, sizing, availability, anything possible to help us sneakerheads make an easier decision come launch day!    - Scoop208 returns with an unboxing of our 7 sins hoodie in red and with the Adidas Human Race China Exclusives in red, a collab between Pharrell Williams and Adidas.     Most of Scoop's social handles are @Scoop208 checkin him out.  Browse our collections after viewing.  Enjoy and leave a comment letting...

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Rainbow Colour palette collection An instant hit.  Our Rainbow Collection is meant to serve as an easy option to pair with hard to wear colours and also the fact that it looks like a crazy graphic equaliser - we love our music so... anyway the recent release of Kanye West's Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 "Butter" spurred this idea on for Custom Clobber Club to materialise the idea. The Yeezy 350 "Butter" is an amazing shoe, but we found the colour hard to pair with the right colours personally so thought we'd help the streetwear community out and produce something they could rock with their clobber easily on the street or in the skatepark.  We produced it many summer and winter colours...

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  Our fashion killer or fashion killa collection whichever you prefer, with London based artist NoErras is a concept envisioned for the times by both NoErras & Clinton founder of Custom Clobber Club.  NoErras is an expressive British street artist producing artwork exclusively for Custom Clobber Club with a streetwise vibe.  His style is unique and random which is a perfect recipe for producing great art.  As one of our a debut pieces we wanted to NoErras to create something original with a statement.  He certainly did that!  The idea behind the cut out newspaper clippings is to resemble a serial killers murder note left for detectives.  Serial killers rarely leave any obvious clues.  The thumb marks and blood in the...

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