Request Custom Work

Custom Clobber Club enjoys the idea of customising clothes and will happily customise pieces of clothing or shoes for customers.  Fashion is meant to be unique, fun, elegant, defying and evolving.  We can only keep expanding on that if new ideas are constantly brought to life.  While we don't claim to be the house of  Christian Dior for couture we would tirelessly work to deliver what's expected or visualised.  

If you have a an idea or project in mind get in touch.  

  • Customisation of designs that are already online are FREE please include notes with your order or email us after ordering.  
  • Dont want the hassle of buying, printing or sewing?  Stand out from your friends or crowd by sending us your own designs for a 1 Of 1 Custom that your friend's can't get!*  
  • Personal customisation of your own items of clothing sent in to Custom Clobber Club require a minimum spend.  Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and let's see if we can bring them to life
  • If there are some designs in our collections that you would like for example in a jacket patch, this can be custom made for you and lots more     

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